Ztos- HR Management System B2B Webapp

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Ztos- HR Management System B2B Webapp

Ztos- HR Management System B2B Webapp

Hey Awesome people! I’ve been working on HRMS for a few days. Here I have shared a piece of the project. I had to work from scratch for the MVP. This MVP product provides the services of centralized information, productive recruiting, Progress monitoring, Payroll management, efficient collaboration, scheduling events, etc.

HRMS or human resource management system makes it possible to automate the human resource management process on both mid-sized companies and enterprises. A system consists of a set of modules that provides an HR department with the necessary tools to achieve the strategic objectives of a company considering specific conditions. And, of course, HR software for small businesses will be different from the HRM system for a mid-sized or large business.

HR management system is designed to manage staff, but such systems have much wider functionality than automated personnel recruitment systems. HRMS allows HR managers to work not only with quantitative indicators but also with qualitative indicators of personnel. The main goal of the employee management system is to help managers retain valuable specialists at a company.

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