Game streaming portal (Dark)

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Game streaming portal (Dark)

Hello everyone

I continue the theme of the gaming theme, a new page for gaming streams and broadcasts of esports tournaments.

I continue to dive into the gaming environment The first shot was very experimental, I tried to work in the old styles, but they are old for that … so that no one would touch them later But the practice paid off, I understood in which direction I needed to move.

This is my second screen for the game portal, as conceived it is a streaming page, I did not include a lot of features here, because so far this is only a creative flight, and I do not want to clog the space with all the boring ux stuff I will try to implement a full-fledged portal with all logical scenarios already in the case on Behance.

Generally satisfied with the results, in my free time I will refine the rest of the pages.

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