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"Managie" Project Management - Dashboard Menu

Hi Everyone!

This is my exploration about Project Management Dashboard called “Managie”.

Managie is an application to manage all projects in a company, in this case i took an example, that is Agensip. I made 3 screens for Managie, there are:

1. Dashboard Menu 2. Project Menu 3. Project Detail

In this post, i will show you guys and explain the Dashboard Menu first, there are some features in Dashboard Menu :

Project Statistics User can see the statistics of the project that Agensip has been obtained in 4 ways ( yearly, monthly, weekly and daily).

Current Project Current Project displays the last project that Agensip got, there are project name, platform, due date, progress, team member and files inside the project card.

Current Client The last client that contacted Agensip will appear here. There are Klien’s name, the company and last contact date and time.

Members It shows the number of Agensip’s members in each position generally.

Okay that’s all. Hope you guys can enjoy and gimme other thoughts of this exploration. Feel free to leave feedback and comment;)

Press L if you like it.

Thank you.

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